Food Booth Online Application

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  1. 42nd Annual Boggy Bayou Mullet Festival
    19-20-21 October 2018
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  5. Only the food types listed on your application, and approved by the Committee, will be served. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS. Any violation of this rule will be cause for expulsion from the festival.
  6. Fee for booth 10' wide by 20' deep which includes water, trash removal, electricity, ect
    (if trailer including tongue is over 10' wide you will need two spaces)
    To help insure the environmental integrity of the park, please dispose of all grease and debris in provided containers. All booth spaces will be inspected at the conclusion of the festival to be clean of any grease spills and debris. We reserve the right to deny any vendor admittance to the festival that is found to be in non compliance.
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  13. RV Spaces are reserved for vendors until OCT 1.
    Any available spots are first come first served: $100 per space for vendors, $200 per space for non-vendors ( admitance for 2 people per space)
  14. INSURANCE: a certificate of insurance showing a minimum of $1,000,000 liability coverage must accompany this application. If you don't have insurance, then you may pay an additional $80 and the festival will purchase coverage for you. Application received without an insurance certificate of the $80 fee will be refused.
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  21. In the event the Mullet Festival Council is unable to hold the Boggy Bayou Mullet Festival by reason of war, insurrection or acts of God or nature, then no refund shall be made; and it is agreed that all contracts are null and void, and there shall be no responsibility for liability on the part of the Boggy Bayou Mullet Festival Council, Inc., for losses sustained by any person caused by such event.
  22. Failure to comply with applicable food service requirements in accordance with Chapter 10D-13, Florida Administrative Code, or the rules set forth by the Boggy Bayou Mullet Festival Council, will result in enforcement action.
  23. I certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, all of the statements contained herein and on my attachments are true, correct, complete, and made in good faith. I understand that these regulations include food intended for service to the public, regardless of whether there is a charge for the food. I agree to assume complete responsibility for this establishment and I certify that said business will be conducted in compliance with the Florida Administrative Code, Chapter 10-D-13, and rules set forth herein.

    I/we herby agree to, in all events, indemnify the Boggy Bayou Mullet Festival Council, Inc. and all sponsors, their representatives and successors and save same harmless from and against any and all claims, actions, damages, liability and expense in connection with the loss of life, personal injury or illness and/or damage to property arising from or out of the sale of any product of the operation or conduct of lessee’s business from same, by lessee their agents, contractors, employees, servants, or others, without limitation. In the event the Boggy Bayou Mullet Festival Council, Inc., or any sponsor shall protect and hold the Boggy Bayou Mullet Festival Council, Inc., and any sponsor harmless and pay all attorney’s fees paid or incurred by same in connection with such litigation.