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A Guide to a Successful ACL Reconstruction

If you are experiencing knee pain due to injury to your anterior cruciate ligament, you should consider going for an ACL reconstruction surgery to relieve pain and also restore the stability and functionality of your knees. Most ACL injuries occur during sporting activities that involve sudden stops and changes in direction such as soccer, football, basketball, gymnastics as well as downhill skiing. During the reconstructive surgery, the torn ligament is normally removed and then replaced with a piece of tendon from another part of your knee or that of a donor. It is an outpatient procedure that is performed by an orthopedic surgeon, that is, a doctor that specializes in surgical procedures of the joints and bones. Before undergoing ACL surgery, you should ensure that you are the right candidate for the procedure as also prepare adequately. To ensure a successful surgery and recovery, you may need to follow the below guidelines.

One step to a successful ACL reconstruction procedure is to pick the right orthopedic surgeon. Just like any other surgical procedure,ACL reconstruction also has some risks, hence the need to pick a surgeon with the right experience and expertise. A more experienced and skilled orthopedic surgeon is in a better position to handle your issue and also anticipate and prevent complications that may arise during and after the surgery. To establish this, you may need to ask the doctor about the number of such procedures he or she has performed. Be sure to also check out the doctor’s track record and credentials to establish his or her capabilities and also whether he or she has any history of malpractice claims and disciplinary action.

Before undergoing ACL reconstruction surgery, you should also prepare well for the procedure. You may need to provide your doctor with a detailed medical history as well as a list of all your medications. Once you have all these in order, you should then get all preoperative testing your doctor ordered, and stop or take medication as directed. While at it, you should get specific with your doctor about the types of surgical procedures available, possible complications as well as recovery time. Your doctor should be able to give you all the details you may need. You should, however, have realistic expectations to be able to stick to your treatment plan.

To be assured of a successful ACL reconstruction surgery, you may also need to plan for your recovery. Recovery from an ACL procedure will depend on various aspects such as the type of procedure carried out, your age, general health, type of anesthesia used to mention just a few. You should therefore take into account such factors and ask your doctor on a recovery plan that will best work for you. Be sure to include physical therapy in your recovery plan as it plays a crucial role in recovery.

Lastly, you should budget well for the surgical procedure. Since ACL reconstruction is quite costly, you should check with your insurance carrier on the procedures covered. You should also ensure that the doctor you settle for accepts your insurance plan to avoid having to pay out of pocket. If you do not have a medical cover, you can compare rates offered by the difference orthopedic surgeons and go for one that is affordable for you.

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